Be Best(ish)

I spent a good portion of my life ignoring good advice and even doing the exact opposite of what was suggested, until one day I found myself divorced, single-momming it, and spending a Saturday crying in to my second cup of coffee while simultaneously ignoring my bills and wondering where all my real friends had gone.

I started thinking maybe I should’ve paid a little more attention to all that well-meaning insight smarter people than myself had doled out to me over the years. To combat decades of nodding blankly whenever I felt that anyone was about to tell me what I should do, I began reading and listening to anything in the self-improvement category I could get my hands and ears on, and sort of became the best(ish) version of myself that I could be, which is to say I am a work in progress.

This blog is my attempt at helping you also be best(ish) by sharing my own foibles, fuck-ups, flaws, and all the lessons they have taught me. So, breathe in, laugh out, and remember that even trying is an accomplishment. You’re good enough, but wouldn’t it be nice to be just a bit better and maybe even your best(ish)?